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Nanette Victoria Spiritual consultant, Spiritual Coach,Christ centered, intuitive Mentor, guide, Dance Coach, christ centered healing

Phone consultation available

Monday~Saturday~10AM~9PM (EST)
(in person if local)
Contact Today-908~433~6254
​-visa/mastercard-reasonable fees
​(Christ centered Coaching)

Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Mentor, Intuitive guide, christ centered healing

                                                          Change your story, change your life!

Nanette Victoria Spiritual Consultant-Spiritual Coach/Christ centered/Intuitive Mentor, Intuitive guide/NLP/Dance Coach

                                                                                       christ centered healing

                                                  Disclaimer this is "not" a counseling or treatment service

 Please be aware~service "is"                                         Spiritual~Coaching                                                                          "not"​ Counseling
            Definition of Spiritual Coaching
 Solution focused                                             
 Works on deep connection with God               
 Does not give advice~ever                               
 Ask client to take responsibility for               
 all areas of life.
 Does not blame others
 Ask to forgive everyone
 and everything.
 Deeper intimacy with God

 Transformation of consciousness

 Focus is on answers within (vital intuition-gift of the Holy Spirit)

 Definition of Counselor
 Focused on past wounds and hurts
 Problem focused~works towards emotions
 Gives advice~diagnosis~treatment
 Analyzes the problem