Nanette Victoria

Spiritual Consultant                                                                                                         

Love welcomes you Home

Rest in God

There is only one real problem, and only one solution. You cannot and God can. This is a journey in to a total surrender of false self in to real Self (God Self). As we clear out and sweep away the debris in our thinking (removal of obstacles, and idols), we come into a Spiritual experience with our Creator which Directs our life. All life is in The Spirit, and our Spirit is meant to soar. We are all called to greatness, to answer the call is to say yes, please use me Lord, make me a channel of your Divine will. All joy is living in God's Divine design and living it abundantly.

Consultation available

Monday~Saturday~10AM~9PM (EST)

via zoom/or phone-908-433-6254

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                                                        Change your story, change your life!

Nanette Victoria Spiritual Consultant-Spiritual Coach/Christ centered/Intuitive Mentor, Intuitive guide/NLP/Dance Coach

                                                                                  Christ centered healing

​                                                          Disclaimer~this is "not" a counseling or treatment service.

Spiritual Coach

Facilitator of~

Intuitive mentor-guide


Ecstatic Dance Coach​​

Reiki practitioner (3rd degree)

Healing is always~NOW

Ordained Minister~contact today~908~433~6254