Ecstatic Dance Coach


Description Ecstatic Dance is defined as overpowering joy and rapture in the Spirit, and a deep sense of well being.


​Let go of all that is false, and surrender to all that is the truth

​A Dance of a sacred romance with the Holy Spirit, with joy, with love it Self!

Come warm up, burn calories, energize your body.

Uplift your mood, release stress, express your Spirit.

No structure, just a gentle letting go of your body. Allowing the Holy Spirit to Dance you.

Christ centered (bringing Christ "pure love" into our full awareness, consciousness)

A perfect opportunity to Praise Dance and Worship God in Spirit and truth. Weekly classes held-will travel to teach in other areas.


​                                                                            Change your story, change your life!

Nanette Victoria Spiritual Consultant-Spiritual Coach/Christ centered/Intuitive Mentor, Intuitive guide/NLP/Dance Coach

                                                                                         Christ centered healing​

                                                              Disclaimer~This is "not" a counseling or treatment service.


Consultation available

Monday~Saturday~10AM~9PM (EST)
via zoom/or phone 908-433-6254

Donations only 

             Intuitive Mentor/Guide


​We keep a powerful focus on the solution. We identify the problem only once, and than draw out of it. The truth has alerady set us free we need only awake to that fact! Nanette's approach is a  gentle compassionate Coaching into living in the Power of Love, not the fear we are some times so consumed by. Love is what we are, and we forget that. We learn through Spiritual Coaching how to stop the cycle of the ego's chatter so that we may live life, and live it more abundantly, now.

What is changeless is God, and God is love! An integrative approach is used and that works well for everyone, no matter what the issue at hand may be.

Intuitive mentoring is used (as directed by the Holy Spirit). 

Each client is encouraged how to deepen prayer and meditation practice and using this as a daily practice in a consistent way. This practice will vary for each person. The purpose is to establish right relationship with God.

Each client is given the opportunity to be fully free of all inner hurts, wounds, resentments, and fears. The willingness to do the Spiritual work is a must (keeping Spiritual fitness as a daily practice).

Most of all each client has the opportunity to build a personal relationship with God, or Higher Power that directs all areas of our life, every day, all the time. When we become fully God reliant, we are truly free. We will have true freedom of the Spirit when we let God, Dance us, breathe us, and direct us in all areas of our life.

Having spiritual consent with each client is vital. This demonstrates willingness and integrity with each individual and love. Most of all it honors God first.

                   Nanette Victoria

                     Spiritual Coach,

                Spiritual Consultant,

                     Facilitator of~
              A COURSE IN MIRACLES

               Intuitive Mentor/guide


                       Dance Coach


Our main goal is in helping individuals stay on the Spiritual beam consistently and live in peace, harmony and joy, regardless of external conditions. Spiritual assistance through Coaching/mentoring (Christ centered healing), helps individuals be Authentic, and remain in this place of balance and well being. This is through changing core beliefs that block us off from Spirit. 

One on one sessions are offered for as much time needed (phone consultations are available six days a week-since most clients live in other locations). Those that live local do face to face sessions-either way it will not matter, God's movement knows no limits.

We offer workshops (speaking engagements) for Spiritual growth and development.

The following are some of the basic truths we put into practice and live daily with ease:

​We must let go of negative thinking (ego, self) because this is the block to love it Self. 

Neuro-linguistic programming (Strategy of how we think and communicate) is used as a very powerful tool that helps the client to unblock everything that has been a hindrance to living in our full potential and living a Divine life (results can be swift).